Strategic Fundraising, Springer Gabler, 2012

Since the over-indebted state is withdrawing from many fields of activity, more and more organizations are looking for private sponsors. Christian Gahrmann develops a concept of strategic fundraising which helps nonprofit organizations to succeed in winning donors as customers and building long-term potentials for success. Taking into account the specifics of the donation market, he transfers the instruments of strategic marketing from the corporate world to the non-profit sector. The author is adding a new, market-oriented fundraising philosophy to the previous perspectives of procurement and relationship orientation in fundraising. (Blurb) 

"The first and the best book I have read about fundraising!" (Claudia Seidensticker, founder and chairwoman of KRASS e.V. - cultural  education for kids and teens)

"The time is ripe for a greater consideration of strategy in fundraising practice - after all, the undeniable successes of professionalization in fundraising in the past 15 years have been based primarily on the further development and optimization of operational aspects of fundraising management. An expansion of the perspective to include strategic aspects also promotes current developments in fundraising practice. Many readers from theory and practice are to be wished for this successful book! ” (Prof. Michael Urselmann in Fundraiser Magazin 3/2012)

Christian Gahrmann approaches fundraising in a very practical way. He went on search of patrons to the USA, the motherland of fundraising - and was successful. He doesn't tell us how strategically he proceeded, but after reading the book you get the impression that fundraising without a strategy is actually needless.” (Matthias Daberstiel in philanthropie & stiftung 1/2012)





Handbook Fundraising, Co-Author, Editor: Prof. Michael Urselmann,
Springer Gabler, 2016

This handbook brings together the current state of scientific research on fundraising in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Findings and key figures are prepared in a practice-oriented manner. Proven experts who deal with key questions of fundraising both scientifically and practically share their findings on strategic and operational questions of fundraising among private individuals, companies and foundations. (Blurb)

By the way: Presentations on varoius lectures by me on the topic of "strategic fundraising" can be found on (in German).

People don't become poor from giving. They only become happy. #fundraisingfortheheart



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