Fields of Expertise

Strategic Fundraising

I will help you and your organization to develop a successful fundraising strategy and to build up and develop your fundraising in the long term. With an individual strategy concept tailored to your organization, you will win new target groups, position yourself effectively in the donation market and make use of the most effective fundraising instruments for you. Fundraising is implemented and "lived" throughout your organization.

External Fundraising Management

Do you need an employee for your fundraising, but you do not yet have the money for a permanent position or you cannot find a suitable candidate? I am happy to manage the daily fundraising management for you - for a limited time or continuously.

Grants & Foundation Fundraising
I advise you on how to successfully receive grants from public donors, foundations and the European Union for your projects. I will help you to find the right grant giver and to formulate and calculate a convincing grant application. Upon request, I can do the application for you.

International Fundraising & EU Funding
The most important area of international fundraising in Germany is undoubtedly EU funding. But foundations from the USA and other countries also transfer millions of dollars to German non-profit organizations every year. I help you to discover the opportunities of international fundraising and to raise successfully EU funds and foundation grants.

Storytelling & Texting

Fundraising thrives on good stories. Anyone who tells such beautiful stories as that of "The Star-Money" by the Grimm Brothers can win every donor's heart. I love stories and love to text for you mailings, websites or yearbooks.

Social Media Fundraising

Nowhere else can donors be reached in a more targeted manner and better be connected to your organization than on social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Here, younger people can be best recruited as new donors. Many nonprofits are already collecting millions of dollars via Facebook. I help you to develop a social media strategy for your organization and to successfully establish your organization on social media.

People don't become poor from giving. They only become happy. #fundraisingfortheheart



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Christian Gahrmann Philanthropy Consulting, Bismarckstr. 12,

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