My prices are very simple: either 99 Euros or 49 Euros. As you like. ;-)

Hourly rate for fundraising consulting (consulting rate): 99 Euros / hour *)

The consulting rate applies to the individual counselling of your organization on fundraising. This includes, for example, writing a fundraising concept, holding a strategy workshop or a telephone consultation.

Hourly rate for fundraising projects (project rate): 49 Euros / hour *)

The project rate applies to the implementation of fundraising projects for your organization. This can be, for example, writing a fundraising mailing, writing an application to a foundation or supervising your public relations. The project rate also applies for a continuous external fundraising management.

*) Smaller nonprofit organizations can get up up to 25% discount.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

People don't become poor from giving. They only become happy. #fundraisingfortheheart


Email: christian.gahrmann@web.de

Tel: +49 0221 27644161


Christian Gahrmann Philanthropy Consulting, Bismarckstr. 12,

50096 Cologne, Germany

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